Rebuildable Atomizer

So now that we understand how an atomizer works and fires, lets talk about everyone’s favorite topic.. Rebuildables.

What a Rebuildable Atomizer (RBA) is:

A Rebuildable Atomizer, is just like any other atomizer, it heats up the ejuice to create vapor, and it screws directly onto any 510 threaded electronic-cigarette. In a prebuilt Atomizer, the coils and wick are prebuilt; however, in a rebuildable atomizer, the user has to build the wicks and coils himself (Hence the name Rebuildable). Rebuildable Atomizers come in all different shapes and sizes, and therefore have different ways to wick and coil. The main thing that is great about rebuildables is that you can build your wick and coils to any ohms that you prefer. Rebuildables give a sense of uniqueness and control with vaping.

There are currently three different types of rebuildables out on the market today, which are: genesis style, drippers, and one which I call the kayfun style. They all have similiarities such as: Having at least one negative and positive post,  requiring a soaking and heating element, and an airhole to allow air in and help cool down the heating element.

Genesis style RBA or Genny’s for short uses a positive post and either one or two negative post to build for the wick and coil. Genesis style RBA’s also include a tank where juice can be filled. The genesis style provides users with big vapor production with a tank set-up.


This is how a genesis style looks like

In this picture, the black long line is the wick. This wick is made out of Stainless Steel Mesh, however, all rebuildable can use different types of wicks and coils! The brass long thing is the positive post and the little silver nick on the left and right side are the negative post.

Drippers or RDA (Rebuildable Dripper Atomizers) are probably the easiest to begin with since they do not have many components. A dripper atomizer has all the parts of the genesis atomizer, but does not have a tank. Therefore, users will have to drip their e juice onto their wick every so often to keep it soaked. That is why it is called a dripper atomizer. Dripper atomizers provide users with big vapor production, most competition builders will use dripper atomizers to compete in vapor production contests.


dripper builtThe picture above is a dripper without the wick and coil, the picture below it is it built with wick and coils.

Lastly, we have the kayfun style atomizer. I call it the kayfun style atomizer based off the Kayfun atomizer  The Kayfun atomizer was not the first to create this style, but they did popularize the style. The Kayfun style provides the least vapor production compared to the genny or dripper mod, but it does provide the most flavor between the other two.



As you can see in the pictures, this atomizer uses a chamber system in which juice is regulated into the chamber.

Heres a brief pros and cons of each set up.



  • Allows people to achieve huge vapor production.
  • Has a tank system
  • Good Tastes


  • Can not be tilted, must stand vertically or else juice will leak out.
  • Probably one of the hardest to build



  • Allows for the most vapor production.
  • Easiest to build.
  • Allows for unique builds and different building setups


  • Users have to constantly drip E juice, which is a pain
  • Cannot be tilted if juice is inside, will leak

Kayfun Style Atomizers:


  • Best Flavor
  • Can be tilted, put down horizontally
  • Has a big tank, which allows for a lot of juice to be filled at one time


  • Poor vapor production
  • Harder to build, and does not allow for many unique builds.

For rebuildables unfortunately, there is no best options. It all just depends on your personal preference and needs. If your looking for big vapor, then get a dripper. If your looking for great flavor, then get the kayfun style atomizer. Lastly, if your looking for something in between, the get a genesis atomizer. My personal favorites are genesis and kayfun style atomizers. However, I do own all three as do many other vape enthusiasts!


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